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The 9th Infantry Division Index (Vietnam)

Last Updated 10/21/14

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U Minh Forest: No Longer a VC Sanctuary

The Voice of Combat: RTO ... His Call Sign is Courage

Widows' Village: A VC Graveyard

9th Division MP ... Their Beat is the Delta

The Battle of Ap Bac

They Proved They Could Fight

The Rat's Nest

"MEKONG" -Professional Journalist Report the War - By Major Ray Funderburk - 9th ID Public Information Officer 



Division History

Unit Histories

Unit Information (Start/End Dates)

2nd Brigade 2-66 to 9-67

3rd Battalion 34th Artillery

Troops of the 9th Infantry Division

World War II Information

MRF Operational Report ending April 30, 1968 (Only MRF portion selected)



Killed in Action

Division Elements

Fort Snelling Memorial

Octofoil and Unit Crests

9th Infantry Division Statistics 12/66 to 7/69

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