9th Infantry Division
Octofoil and Unit Crests
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THE OCTOFOIL shoulder patch of the 9th Infantry Division dates from the 15th Century when it was customary for each son in a family to have an individual mark of distinction. Under the rules of heraldry there are eight foils or positions. The Octofoil went to the ninth son, symbolic of his being surrounded by eight brothers. The symbolism of the Octofoil makes it a logical and correct insignia for the 9th Division. The red quatrefoil of the patch alludes to the Artillery, while the blue one represents the Infantry.
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31st Infantry 11th Artillery 34th Artillery 60th Infantry 15th Engineer
3d Squadron
5th Cavalry
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9th MP Co DivArty 4th Artillery 1st, 2d, 3d Brigades
Division Troops
9th Signal
47th Infantry
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9th Medical
9th Aviation
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