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HHC 3rd/47th Infantry - December 65 to December 67

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4.2 Mortar Outgoing Dong Tam '67.jpg (12630 bytes)

9th Inf arriving Dong Tam.jpg (43764 bytes)

A world of Mud -  Dong Tam early '67.jpg (41983 bytes)

Beach Front Property-DongTam '67.jpg (30051 bytes)

4.2 Mortar Outgoing at Dong Tam '67

9th Infantry arriving Dong Tam

A world of mud.. Dong Tam early '67

Beach front property, Dong Tam '67

Coming back 1967.jpg (35894 bytes)

Easy does it   '67.jpg (44788 bytes)

Entertainment Dong Tam 1967.jpg (23062 bytes)

Futhermuckers on the Rd- 9th Inf '67.jpg (39672 bytes)

Coming back.. '67

Easy does it.. '67

Entertainment in Dong Tam.. '67

Futhermuckers on the road in 1967 (9th Inf.)

Homemade Tanks  9th Inf.jpg (31254 bytes)

Landing - Dong Tam.jpg (56277 bytes)

Perimeter Dong Tam.jpg (34153 bytes)

Quad 50's Mean 9th Inf  '67.jpg (22028 bytes)

Homemade Tanks of the 9th Inf.

Landing at Dong Tam in 1967

Dong Tam Perimeter

Quad 50's were mean.

riveraerial.jpg (56834 bytes)

Smoke Bringers 9th Inf '67.jpg (25378 bytes)

Unpacking early  '67.jpg (41542 bytes)

Welcome to Paradise - 1967.jpg (37487 bytes)

An example of the river systems that made the MRF effective and necessary.

Smoke Bringers
9th Inf. 1967

Unpacking early 1967

Welcome to paradise or is this a perfect ambush area?

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